Monday, October 09, 2006

A Comparative Anthology Of Sacred Texts

World Scripture: A Comparative Anthology Of Sacred Texts is an interesting site compiling scriptures from the world religions on a variety of subjects. It is already a 914 pages text, but I would love to see a work like this expanded. Check out the anthologies limited compilation of texts on the subject of
Universal Salvation

I am grateful for salvation in every sense of the word. It seems that the desire of the universe is to see all reunited. As we agree on earth surely it shall be done.


SocietyVs said...

I really like that kind of comparison study of other writings, I read through some of it and found it rather nice to know some other texts.

Nancy A said...

An interesting website.

Anonymous said...


I have visited your website many times and am glad to see you blogging.

URfriend, Dean Johnson said...


I saw your blog: In Search of Life.
It looks you also have hope for all humankind. It is a beautiful reality.

URfriend, Dean Johnson

Chris Ledgerwood said...

I came across your blog via societyvs. I am a universalist, and although not a quaker technically, I lean towards that understanding myself. I will continue to check your writing out.

God Bless

Chris LEdgerwood