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The Key to Understanding Jesus and the Apostles

This unique Gospel message is Freely given for the sake of the church.

Seemingly hidden for many centuries, but now revealed, the recent discovery of a "key of knowledge" has yielded a practical and very useful cross reference tool to understand the scriptures.

This Tau-Rho Cross is created by the joining of the two letters Tau (T) and Rho (P) into the one amalgamated letter often known as the Staurogram. This amalgamation reveals the primary message of "The Word of God": specifically, "Make the two into one." The joining together of these two letters into the one amalgamated letter illustrates the marriage of the bride and the bridegroom, and also the reconciliation of all things into the one body, (Ephesians 1:10, 5:32).

Upright and joined together the Tau and the Rho looks a bit like a Cross, or even a disciple carrying a cross. Turned sideways this Staurogram looks a lot like a key. Jesus said, “Woe unto you, lawyers! for you have taken away the key of knowledge: you have not entered in yourselves (into the kingdom), and them that were entering in you hindered,” (Luke 11:52). Jesus said "When you make the two into one... then will you enter the kingdom" (Thomas 39). This key is a parable, an illustration revealing the great mystery, and the primary message of The Word of God: Reunite that which is divided, make the two one, and enter the kingdom.

This key of knowledge, this cross shaped key is found hidden within many early manuscripts, and most prominently and climatically within the controversial Gospel of Thomas. This appears to be where "the pharisees and the scribes have taken the key(s) of knowledge (gnosis) and hidden them, (Thomas 39). However, now revealed, this mysterious key can unlock a treasure chest allowing the diligent disciple to discover the hidden connections both within Thomas, and within the canonical letters.

Convincing sequential similarities in thought, word, and rhetoric between the Gospel of Thomas and several canonical writings become plainly visible. Providing an invaluable contribution to the study of the New Testament, these connections appear to reveal the original thought processes behind the apostolic writings.

Aligning and combining the sayings of Jesus within The Gospel of Thomas together with the canonical apostolic writings, we "make the two into one." It's almost like Jesus and the apostles left us a cross reference study bible.

The Gospel of Thomas - New Testament
Cross Reference Study

Open the links.  Connect the Key Words.  Be Amazed and Enter.

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The Gospel of Thomas - Jude Connection

The Gospel of Thomas - Revelations Connection

“Give attendance to reading… Meditate upon these things; give thyself wholly to them; that thy profiting may appear to all,” 1 Timothy 4:1315.

These new insights suggest that The Gospel of Thomas squares more neatly into the framework of early Christianity than is commonly assumed. Such similarities, connections, and cross references could revolutionize our understanding of the epistles, the gospel, the tapestry of the early church, and even of Christ.

I think the implications of these revelations stretch the imagination beyond belief. What do you think? Being the only known document with simultaneously extensive, sequential, and unique connections to all these early canonical writings does not suggest a later date for Thomas, but rather a very, very early date.

If there had been only one New Testament text that aligned with the Thomas text it might be difficult to determine which text came first, but this is not the case. As can be seen in the above links, there are many New Testament writings aligning themselves with Thomas.

The reason this suggests an early date is that it becomes extremely unlikely that a later author could have fashioned Thomas using the sayings of Jesus from the canonical Gospels, while simultaneously and sequentially matching the Rhetoric of so many epistles (See the Key Word Connection links above), while also consistently maintaining both the inner and outer loosely based chiasms that provide the overarching structure for the Gospel of Thomas. It is much, much easier to believe that Thomas came first, and that the other writings flowed out from Thomas.

What does all this mean?
Why are these texts interconnected in such an extensive manner?
What do these connections teach us about the meaning of the canonical letters and about Thomas?
Let's dare to ask the difficult question:

Did Paul, James, Peter, and John construct their letters using "The Gospel of Thomas?" This does appear to be the case, (See the Key Word Connection links above). Why would the apostles do this? I am suggesting that the apostles appear to be following a pattern provided to them by Jesus.

Without being overly dramatic, I would like to make this next point as straightforward as possible. Perhaps the most simple explanation for these connections, and for the apparent apostolic reliance upon the Gospel of Thomas is that Thomas was The Original Gospel Of Christ.

Thomas appears to be the "Original Gospel" Jesus delivered to those closest to him, and to those who walked with him in His Way. It is within his rejected message and walk of renunciation that the key is found. Specifically, Thomas appears to be a more spiritual minded message tailored primarily for those who had forsaken all to follow Christ. 

The Thomas prologue explains that Christ was the originator of this Gospel and that this gospel was merely written down or scribed by Thomas. Apostolic acceptance that Christ was the author of this gospel would explain the connections, and would explain why the apostles used this gospel so extensively? (See the Thomas prologue)

As mentioned earlier, as can be seen in the above links, the apostles appear to have relied heavily upon this Original Gospel authored by Christ, considering phrase by phrase the words of Jesus in Thomas, as they wrote their own writings. If this reliance and interconnectedness between the New Testament and Thomas is genuine, as it appears to be, then the many canonical references to "The Gospel of Christ", "The Testimony of Jesus ", " The Doctrine of Christ", " His Sayings", " The Preaching of Jesus Christ", " The Gospel of God", " The Word of God", " The Revelation of Jesus Christ", " The Everlasting Gospel", and even just " The Gospel" could all reasonably be direct references, and sometimes even veiled references to "The Gospel of Thomas"

If we have now recovered Christ's own gospel, then this could be revolutionary. As a unique gospel, apparently intended primarily for those within the church, this key of knowledge teaches those who would follow Jesus, as one of his disciples, how to live life as a wandering radical. It then reveals to these solitary and elect the complete reunification and oneness of the all through the teachings of the bridal chamber. This gospel, if sent and received, could be a significant challenge to the current religious world.

May we be granted wisdom and grace.
And may we be found building upon the Rock,

Dean Johnson

P.S. To Consider the Old Testament's prophetic proclamation of "The Testimony of Jesus" or "The Original Gospel of Christ" see The Two Sided Scroll in the Old Testament.

Perhaps, "The Gospel of Thomas" was even used by non-canonical authors:

From the Nag Hammadi Library
See The Gospel of Thomas - The Gospel of Truth Connection
See also The Gospel of Thomas - The Quran Connection
This page examines the concept of the Injel or the Original 114 sayings of the Gospel of Christ as it relates to the 114 Surahs of the Quran. It is still under construction. 

A Judeo-Christian-Islamic Cross Reference Study of Scripture is yet to be created.

Yet to be examined, and perhaps for another day is a possible
connection between Thomas and Enoch.

The creation of these comparisons between Thomas and these many texts may require many years of study. If you recognize the value of these comparative studies and would like to collaborate in this effort or get involved in this work, then please Contact me, or begin your own studies and publications.

Those with Desktop Publishing, Web Design, and Proofreading skills are most welcomed.


The Everlasting Gospel of Christ is for all humanity.
Some may even be interested in pursuing a comparison between Thomas, Mark and the witness of the stars, or even comparing the 114 sayings of Thomas, the Upanishads and the 114 Chakras. A comparison between The Tao Te Ching and Thomas will yield useful results.

Or if you prefer to just enjoy the fruits of this labour, you may examine
The Gospel of Thomas - New Testament
Cross Reference Study

Read The Gospel of Thomas
Watch The Gospel of Thomas

Blessings on you as you discover His message for all humanity.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Gospel Of Christ: Complete Reunification

The Message of Ultimate Reconciliation is Hidden in the Gospel of Thomas.

It was the Message of Paul. It is the Gospel of Jesus.

The Gospel of Thomas is a Step by Step
Initiation into This Great Mystery.

Disclosed are hidden structures within Thomas revealing the foundational teachings of Jesus used by the apostles as the basis their New Testament writings and ministry.

Concealed or previously unnoticed chiastic structures within Thomas are revealed. They are presented as a step by step initiation to gradually unfold and teach the complete reunification of all things to the disciples of Christ. These same structures also divulge the path the disciples needed to take and did take to see and experience this reality for themselves.

The similarities and the relationship between the teachings of the chiastic structures in the Canonical Gospels, The Gospel of Thomas, and Paul's Letters will be examined. The possibility that Thomas could be a source document for the New Testament is examined.

Check out the possibilities, the evidence, and the implications of
The Gospel of Christ

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Key of Knowledge

Many ancient texts, including much of the New Testament, appear to have a chiastic structure: an ABCDCBA organizational pattern.

Chiastic structures in Thomas can be used by the seeker to connect the corresponding sayings of Jesus so that they can be properly interpreted. The implications of these structures within the Gospel of Thomas are astonishing. "Whoever finds the interpretation of these sayings will not experience death," Thomas 1.

This article suggests a chiastic structure built around Saying 55. "Whoever does not... take up his cross in my way will not be worthy of me."

This arrangement suggests that the message of “the cross” can be the center and climax of the gospel of Thomas.

This gospel structure may be like a progessive catechism for an early church encouraging the carnal believers to a deeper walk. Uniting the two sides of this palindrome together into one bodily structure may uncover the meaning of many of the more obscure sayings of Jesus.

Also presented is an alternate chiastic pattern built around Saying 51: "What you look forward to has already come, but you do not recognize it." Perhaps, this chiasm may have been adapted for a more spiritually minded audience. In this pattern a Realized Eschatology of the Kingdom would be emphasized as the heart of Jesus' message.

These two patterns do not have to be mutually exclusive, but perhaps mutually supportive.

For personal devotionals and scriptural meditations I offer the charts found at the bottom of the article. They focus on the cross and the words of Christ.

Blessings on your Journey,


Dean Johnson

Discover The Key of Knowledge


The first step is to recognize the Key Of Knowledge and to study the Chiasm it reveals.

After studying this initial chiastic structure it may be interesting to examine the kingdom now chiasm revealing Christ's message of Realized Eschatology.

Then combining the two Chiasm's into into One Body, the Joint Body structure can be the next step in unravelling the mystery as revealed in this amazing gospel.

The next step can be "Renunciation and Ministry:
The Eye, Hand, Foot and Likeness Teachings.
" This page discusses the path toward ministry and the deeper walk of a Wandering Radical .

The next step is "The Bridal Chamber" This page introduces the 26 alignments of the Bridal Chamber preparing the reader for the joining of heaven and earth.

Next is "A Closer Look At The Bridal Chamber" This page considers the teaching of those alignments that specifically mention the Bridal Chamber.

Then it may be interesting to view "The Holy Grail Mystery And The Gospel Of Thomas Chiastic Pyramid Structure." This page uses popular religious imagery to illustrate the great mystery as it is revealed within Thomas.

"Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the All,"
Thomas 2.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Bridal Chamber - Becoming One

The Dream: The Quest of the Natural Man

The other night I had a disturbing dream. It was a reminder of the frustration experienced when operating out of the duality of an unrenewed mind.

An unknown companion and I, after being upstairs, found ourselves in a dark basement, beside a double bed. Over the bed was a "ceiling," a barrier with an extremely well hidden trap door. I was sure off it. Several times I had seen a caretaker climb up onto the bed and somehow go up through this trap door. I tried to follow, but every time I climbed up onto the bed, reaching up to the trap door to pull it open, filthy grime and dirt would fall on the bed. And the dark passage way eluded me.

Frustrated, I apologized to my companion for dirtying the bed. Politely, she told me not to worry. She had already made plans to get new pillow covers. And she headed off another way. This seemed odd for I had no intension of sleeping in such a filthy bed. I became obsessed with this hidden passage way back upstairs. I even thought of moving the bed, and tearing down and ripping open the ceiling, but if I moved the bed how would I reach the ceiling? Was I trapped in the basement?

Unenlightened, man lies in what seems like a dark place, a body of death. Like a dark basement, hell and the grave are hidden underground in this dark watery earth. Like an outer darkness, with the appearance of an inner death, this body can sometimes seem like a “whitewashed tomb” full of dead men's bones, Matthew 8:12, Matthew 23:27, Romans 7:24.

But there is a way of escape. Liberation is not the coming out of one realm into another, but a realization that the middle wall of partition has been torn asunder. If we ask the rhetorical question, "Is Christ divided?" We may realize that he is not the divider. Rather, He is the all, 1 Corinthians 10:13, 1 Corinthians 1:13, Colossians 3:11, Thomas 72.

When there is no division and separation between the above and below, the inner and the outer,the male and the female, and the right and the left then liberation is an amalgamation of the two, and a re-creation. It is not a choice between two dichotomies. This is not the replacing of the old with the new. But rather it is the consummation of the old by the new. The old passes away, is destroyed, and is consumed and transformed into a new creation. All things are made new, Thomas 7.

Some spiritual mysteries can be seen mirrored in the natural realm. However, when the secret and hidden realities are seen only by comparing, and combining and joining together spiritual with spiritual, they are not readily discerned by the natural man, 1 Corinthians 2:13.

Behold, I show you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, 1 Corinthians 15:51.

The life of Christ is our story. “The sun was darkened, but the veil of the temple was rent in the midst,” Again, “The veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent; And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose,” Luke 23:45, Matthew 27:51-52.

The Vision:

When knowledge (gnosis) is pleasant unto your soul, you will experience a death, the sun will be darkened, and you will behold only a corpse, and the veil of the temple will be rent in twain, and the earth will quake, and the rocks will be rent, and the grave will open, and there will be a bright light, and the body of a saint, a holy one which slept shall arise and shine, a reunited Perfect Man, clothed in an armor of light, conquering all with the love of a bridegroom, Luke 23:45, Matthew 27:51-52, Thomas 2, 56, 77, 24.

The bridal chamber is the holy of holies hidden within the veil, where two become one, Hebrews 6:19,9:3, Philip, Hebrew 10:20.

Love conquers all, and it never fails. There is a marriage in the hidden place that expands through all creation. This is a great mystery hidden with Christ in God. In Paul’s message this marriage happens in every level of reality.

Though not explicitly explained in Paul’s letters, the mythology of Christ and Sophia seems to have formed the underlying foundation for much of his thought. In the mythology, Christ is the Bridegroom and Sophia (or Wisdom) is the Bride. Recognizing Sophia as the personification of Wisdom clarifies much of
Paul’s mystery teaching. Christ gives us light revealing the hidden things of darkness.
Arising with enlightened eyes we behold instead a joining together within the bridal chamber. The dichotomies and divisions are reunited. There is nothing hidden that shall not be made manifest.

God commands the light to shine out of darkness, and enlightened we behold two become One, creating the ONE new man, who is become a living spirit. This is the new and a living way. This is our liberation.

When we make the two into one, when the male and the female, and the inner and the outer are joined together you enter the kingdom. This bridal chamber is where two become one. Through marriage, we are made complete.

What is this marriage in the secret place? “Behold, thou desirest Truth in the inward parts: and in the hidden part thou shalt make me to know Wisdom. "Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly with all Sophia (Wisdom),” Colossians 3:16 NASB, Psalms 51:6, Hebrews 6:19, 9:3, Philip, Hebrew 10:20.

Behold I show you a great mystery.”
See the whole article:

The Bridal Chamber

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Proclaiming The Perfect Man

Asleep in the Light

The other night I had a dream. There was a house in the sky, and another on the earth. A friend of mine, using a square, was struggling to build a corridor or a partition to connect the two, to bring them together. Unsuccessful, he was requesting my assistance, but strangely enough, I was using a bowl of fruit to explain that we did not need to build a bridge.

This dream inspired an article about the ignorance that blinds the old humanity and about the perspective of the new and perfect man, Ephesians 4:18.

For we all come into the… "the knowledge of the Son of God, to a Perfect Man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ", Ephesians 4:13.

The article considers what it might mean to wake up with a new "fulfilled" perspective.

Knowing that hope does not disappoint, we move from faith to knowledge to perfect love, being filled with all the fullness of God proclaiming the Perfect Man.

Click here to see the whole article

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Christ is Everything: The "Door" that No One Can Close

Jesus said, “I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6. This is often understood very exclusively.
The message of “Christ is all” reconciling Jews, and Gentiles, and all things, into the one body of Christ back to the Father transforms the seemingly “exclusive” words, “I am the way”, into an absolutely inclusive and liberating message. [Colossians 3:11]. Through this One Body, through the Christ who is all, we all [Jews, Gentiles and all things] have access to the Father by one Spirit. [Ephesians 2:14,18].
“I am the way” is no longer seen as a narrow door excluding entrance to the Father now that we have the Pauline revelation that “Christ is all, and in all”. If Christ is everything, then everything is the Door. [John 10:9] Everything leads to God. Truth and Life are in everything. All things work together for the good bringing us to God.
Since there are no exceptions, this is absolutely inclusive.
Christ is all in all. All things are united in this one body, bringing us to God.
Yes, this Christ is revealed as the only way to God.
However, everything is included in Christ, who returns to the Father.
All is reconciled in this one body, bringing all back to God in Christ?
Given this revelation of the “Christ as all”, as the body who is filled with all things, who fills all things, and who is all things,… Given this revelation of Christ who is the only way,… now everything and anything is the path to God.
This is the one body [Ephesians 4:6].
Christ is all, and in all, and God is all in all, that we may be all… one.
Magnifying the Christ,
Dean Johnson

To see the whole discussion

Monday, October 09, 2006

A Comparative Anthology Of Sacred Texts

World Scripture: A Comparative Anthology Of Sacred Texts is an interesting site compiling scriptures from the world religions on a variety of subjects. It is already a 914 pages text, but I would love to see a work like this expanded. Check out the anthologies limited compilation of texts on the subject of
Universal Salvation

I am grateful for salvation in every sense of the word. It seems that the desire of the universe is to see all reunited. As we agree on earth surely it shall be done.