Monday, January 10, 2011

The Gospel Of Christ: Complete Reunification

The Message of Ultimate Reconciliation is Hidden in the Gospel of Thomas.

It was the Message of Paul. It is the Gospel of Jesus.

The Gospel of Thomas is a Step by Step
Initiation into This Great Mystery.

Disclosed are hidden structures within Thomas revealing the foundational teachings of Jesus used by the apostles as the basis their New Testament writings and ministry.

Concealed or previously unnoticed chiastic structures within Thomas are revealed. They are presented as a step by step initiation to gradually unfold and teach the complete reunification of all things to the disciples of Christ. These same structures also divulge the path the disciples needed to take and did take to see and experience this reality for themselves.

The similarities and the relationship between the teachings of the chiastic structures in the Canonical Gospels, The Gospel of Thomas, and Paul's Letters will be examined. The possibility that Thomas could be a source document for the New Testament is examined.

Check out the possibilities, the evidence, and the implications of
The Gospel of Christ

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